Copyright 2018 - Protect the Package

Protect the Package was started to help increase the stores of triumph over tragedy in the world's fight against cancer.  While the logo and slogans may catch your attention in a humorous way, the meaning behind the message could not be more serious.

There are uncountable forms of cancer found in both men and women.  At the same time, certain cancers are exclusive to each gender.  Protect the Package, as you may have guessed, is a company directed at the male population and the cancers unique to us.  The toughest of men cannot out muscle or out smart the hidden workings of cancer.  What we can and have to do is proactively protect ourselves.

Laughter and clothing are two necessities in life; one helps warm the heart and the other helps warm the rest.  By purchasing Protect the Package gear you are providing hope to brave men fighting for their lives.  Proceeds from every sale are turned over to the Medical College of Wisconsin Cancer Center, where they are continually exploring new ways to help current and future cancer patients.